Total Closure of Hospitality Industry

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Ximo Puig, President of the Valencian Government

Valencian Government Orders Total Closure of Hospitality Industrythe Generalitat has decided to take the step of temporarily issuing the total closure of bars, cafes and restaurants for a limited time to stop infections rates rising further.

Update: Precautionary closure of establishments, spaces and activities.The recreational centers for the elderly (retirement homes) and for young people (toy libraries, youth leisure centers) are closed with suspension of activity, as well as the centers where traditional festive activities are carried out, of those provided for in Decree 28/2011 , of March 18, of the Consell.

With suspension in said centers or places of traditional festive activities.The closure of bars, restaurants, cafes and other leisure establishments is also established, unless they provide food and / or drink collection service on the premises or home delivery. Those premises, establishments and activities that, by virtue of their special characteristics, provide a service that may be considered essential or non-replaceable are exempt from this measure.

Therefore, hospital and clinic hospitality services are excepted, for the use of professionals; hospitality and catering services for hotel establishments, for the exclusive use of clients staying there; hotel and restaurant services located in companies and workplaces, for the exclusive use of employees; school canteen service in nurseries and formal education centers (Primary Schools, Institutes and Universities).

Likewise, the restaurant services in service areas of communication routes are excepted.

Closing of commercial premises

The closing of commercial premises and commercial surfaces is also determined from 6 in the afternoon. The commercial activity of the establishments and commercial premises dedicated to the essential commercial activity of food, hygiene, pharmacies, orthopedics, opticians, hairdressing services and veterinary centers, is excepted from the foregoing, only for the sale of said products, as well as departments dedicated to all the aforementioned activities that can be found inside the establishments.In addition, the closure of establishments and the cessation of activities in bingo halls, casinos, arcades, games and bets are determined.

Precautionary closure of sports spaces

The closure of sports facilities and centers is determined, except those destined to the practice of professional sports in official competitions. You may not practice physical activity or sport in sports centers, clubs, gyms, training centers, sports complexes, etc.

The details of these measures can be consulted in the resolution that will be published today in the DOGV.

Measures related to student residences, wakes, funerals and celebrations.

In student residences the use of common areas is limited to 30% of the capacity (including dining rooms, where shifts can be established) and always guaranteeing distancing, hygiene and prevention measures, and visits to student residences are prohibited.

Wakes may be held in all types of facilities, public or private, with a maximum limit of 15 people in outdoor spaces or 10 people in closed spaces, whether or not they are living together and provided that the safety distance can be guaranteed. These measures will also apply to non-religious ceremonies that may be held in public or private facilities.

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