Squatters in L’Albir

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Squatters in Albir

What is happening to us is very serious and cannot and must not happen. This council cannot allow or assume that Alfaz will become the ideal place for squatters.

The Pandemic, that misfortune that is hitting us, has forced many residents whose second home they bought in Alfaz, to have to delay their usual stay because of the forced confinement. In conclusion, they have unwittingly abandoned their properties, but continue to pay their taxes and municipal utility bills.

Professional “squatters” cannot be allowed to enter houses with impunity and vandalise whatever they want. The police must intervene at the slightest hint of squatting and break and enter, otherwise Alfaz and its urbanisations will be squatters’ pasture and the tourist chaos could be monumental.

I am told that in order to get around the law, they go as far as registering with the town hall. I find it hard to believe such impudence and it is inconceivable that the administration does not ask for proof of rent or title deeds. We know that from the Central Government that this problem not only slips down their sleeves, they also applaud it in many cases including our regional government. We cannot do the same.

We cannot turn our heads and look elsewhere.

This problem affects us very much, because it degrades the coexistence, the area and the well being, which has been acquired with a lot of effort. People have not invested in Alfaz for this to happen and the politicians here have to make decisions about it. The alarm has been set off and it will have to be stopped with energy.

Calle Tauro 32 in Albir is a reference point in case some people haven’t heard.

The problems are accumulating and the undesirables who visit us to rob you in the street have now been joined by these gangs of usurpers, who assault properties with unheard of impunity. Either we nip it in the bud or the decadence of our paradise will begin.

A.F.G. Neighbour of Albir

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