L’Alfàs is going to build a football field with artificial grass in l’Albir

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Creatation of a new football field in Albir

The City Council of l’Alfàs del Pi has started the procedures for the construction of a football field, with artificial grass in l’Albir, in the sports complex of Calle San Miguel. Its execution, together with the future covered sports hall in the same area “are the necessary trigger to provide l’Albir with extraordinary sports infrastructures”, said the mayor of l’Alfàs, Vicente Arques, after the technical visit carried out together with the councilor of Sports, Oscar Pérez, and the Councilor for the Presidency, Mayte García, to the site where the new soccer field will be located.

The City Council of l’Alfàs del Pi, in an extraordinary Governing Board, has approved the initiation of the tendering and awarding procedure for the works of the new 8-a-side football field with artificial grass, a process that will take an approximate period of Three or four months, after this time, informs the mayor Vicente Arques, “in four months the construction of the new football field 8 with artificial grass will begin in l’Albir, attached to the existing football field 11 already in the same area.” A new field that comes to respond to the commitment acquired by this Government Team with athletes and with clubs, to meet the existing demand for sports, ”highlighted the Mayor of l’Alfàs.

The new football field is budgeted at 295,983.47 euros, it has significant supra-municipal support, subsidized 40% by the Department of Sports of the Valencian Community that will contribute 118,393.39 euros; and another 40% by the Alicante Provincial Council that contributes the same amount, 118,393.39 euros; the City Council of l’Alfàs will pay the remaining 20%, 59,196.69 euros.

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